Anticipate PUBG Mobile 2.9 Update with Snowy Village and New Snow Challenges!

6 min read Tencent Games will release another bundle of winter-inspired battles, maps, and fun activities on November 9, 2023. February 24, 2024 17:42 Anticipate PUBG Mobile 2.9 Update with Snowy Village and New Snow Challenges!

Players can expect a plethora of winter-themed content, including Snowy Village, Snow Blaster, Snow Pal, Snow Blast Zone, and more in this latest update!

Learn more about all the fun features to be added in this early November update and explore a snowy world full of magical changes!

PUBG Mobile 2.9 Update: Snowy Village

A new snowy village-themed area will be introduced in the PUBG Mobile 2.9 update along with a Lucky Ice Tower, a snow rail, and a two-seated reindeer transport vehicle.

This new Snow Village will cover a 280 x 150 rectangular-shaped play area. The map will keep shrinking when the game starts and will end until there's only one survivor living on the battleground.

Lucky Ice Tower

The Lucky Ice Tower has two stories with an underground secret basement. Players can also find a blessing bell outside the tower. Knock the bell and you will get a chance to earn some amazing winter-themed gifts.

Snow Rail

Have you ever thought about sliding on the roof? Imagine the picture of sliding on the roof while shooting your enemies and even doing stunts! What's more, you can slide on the Snow Rail and gather supply items in a more effective way. It also offers players a way to find an advantageous position to counterattack their enemies.


An interesting vehicle for transportation will be also added to the PUBG Mobile Version 2.9 Update - a 2-seated reindeer! Invite your best friends and have a nice ride on Reindeer while traveling across in a fast speed the Snowy Village map!

PUBG Mobile 2.9 Update: Snow Battle

A winter-themed piece of equipment you will play through the whole Frost Festival is Snow Blaster. Endless possibilities can be unlocked. Unleash your imagination and enjoy various snow battle fun with Snow Blaster.

Snow Pile

One basic functionality of Snow Blaster is to create snow piles. Many interesting and fun activities can be done with the Snow Pile. For example: Ride on your snowboard to jump across the snow pile, hide your body behind the snow pile to take cover, build a cute Snow Pal, etc.

Snow Pal

You can not just build a snow pal to take pictures, you can also transform into one! It should be noted that once you turn into a snowman, there are no weapons that can be used, only basic movements like walking and jumping.

Freeze the Surface

Some interesting magic tricks you've seen in the movies can be seen in this update! Use the Snow Blaster to freeze the ice and take a walk! Be aware when you are walking on the frozen surface because the ice will melt in a few seconds, so you have to move fast.

Snow Board

More than riding a Snowboard on the road, you can do something cool and different like gliding across objects!

Snow Toddlers

Find the Lucky Snowman and four lost little snowmen hidden somewhere on the map and unlock amazing themed rewards.

Lucky Ice

Break the Ice with a knife or something else melee weapon and get abundant winter-themed gifts frozen in the ice.

Snow Blaster Zone

View falling snow in the Snow Blaster Zone! When you are hit by a snowball, you'll transform into a lively snow pal.

In conclusion, PUBG Mobile 2.9 update is a must-play for players who want to experience a completely new battle experience. The Snowy Village, the Reindeer, and the Snowball Blaster are just a few of the many exciting features that the update offers. With the Frost Festival and Snow Battle, you'll be able to enjoy snow-themed content and festive and practical battle equipment.

Start completing the daily login mission today and earn a bunch of frosty gifts for free when the game is officially released on November 9.

And more firearms, characters, and battle modes are already coming on the way! Stay up to date on our News channel and you'll never miss out on any exciting new features of PUBG Mobile!

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