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1.10.7 by T Media Tech LLC
(0 Reviews) March 27, 2024
Truth Social Truth Social Truth Social Truth Social Truth Social Truth Social

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March 27, 2024
T Media Tech LLC
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Old Versions of Truth Social

Truth Social 1.10.6

March 27, 2024 114.4 MB

Truth Social 1.10.5

March 27, 2024 114.3 MB

More About Truth Social

The #1 free-speech social media platform is now available as a native Android app!

In 2021, there has been a concerning shift in the media landscape, leaning heavily towards one ideological direction. Powerful entities like Silicon Valley, mainstream media, and Big Tech are actively silencing dissenting voices, effectively controlling the narrative and restricting free expression. This monopolization of information not only censors content but also dictates what can and cannot be discussed, ultimately shaping the future.

Enter Truth Social, a platform committed to rebalancing this unequal dynamic. It aims to provide an open space where individuals can share their thoughts without fear of being ostracized or silenced. By offering a platform free from political discrimination and cancel culture, Truth Social seeks to challenge the dominance of Big Tech and promote free speech.

Key Features:

  1. Profile Customization: Showcase your personality with a personalized profile, avatar, and background. Keep track of your connections and engagement through follower counts and post interactions.

  2. Truth Feed: Stay updated on the latest from people, organizations, and news outlets that interest you. The Truth Feed aggregates posts from those you follow, enriched with multimedia content.

  3. Compose Truths: Participate in discussions by sharing your opinions, news articles, polls, or videos. Engage with your audience and potentially make your content go viral.

  4. Search: Easily discover and follow voices that resonate with you, directly from the search feature.

  5. Direct Messages: Have private conversations with your followers, with options to customize message deletion and notification settings.

  6. Polls: Create polls to gather feedback from your audience on various topics.

  7. Notifications: Stay informed about your followers and interactions with your content to maintain engagement and grow your following.

Join Truth Social today to reclaim your right to express yourself freely and be part of a community that values open dialogue and diverse perspectives.

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